HAMMOND X77 Console original Leslie cabinet.


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The Hammond X77

Flagship Hammond Console, which featured alongside the Hammond X66 and HX100.

Snip from brochure:

"The sound of the X77 is as modern as its styling. You will thrill to the excitement of the sound created by the exclusive X77P Leslie Tone cabinet. Hammond X77 features include harmonically enriched tone-bars, pre-set percussion tabs, super quint, rhythm section, string bass and arpeggiator (for instant arpeggios). Each keyboard, pedal tones, reverberation and percussion can be independently directed through the multi channel X77P Leslie Tone cabinet."


•Manuals: Upper & Lower 61 keys each

•Pedal keyboard: 25 note, radiating, detachable

•Tone Controls: 28 control tablets, including: six percussion voices, harp sustain, brush effect, and cymbal; nine pre-set keys and two sets of eleven adjustable harmonic drawbars for upper manual; nine pre-set keys and two sets of ten adjustable harmonic drawbars for lower manual; four drawbars (16' and 8') for pedal keyboard.

•Expression: Fully tone-compensated expression pedal controlling entire organ, plus tone compensated "volume soft" tab

•Arpeggiator -for instant arpeggios! ...(kinda like an omnichord)

•Reverberation: Two tablets offer three degrees of stereo reverberation (using separate amplifier and speakers)

•Automatic Pedal Legato: Provided in three degrees by two "string bass" tablets

•Percussion: Either "touch-response" percussion or "legato" percussion can be selected by moving a tablet;  six pre-voiced tone qualities can be used separately, in combination, or with drawbar combinations. Vibrato or adjustable-rate reiteration can be applied to any of these. the "second voice" tab provides these same voices without percussion.

•Sustain and rhythm: Polyphonic harp sustain can be used with or without vibrato effects. Cymbal on pedals, and brush effect on either manual, can be used separately or with any voices.

•Width 49". Depth 46". Height 51" with rack.

•Finish: Two tone walnut and ebony

Output: 200Watts

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