Leslie for the 21st century.

Think of all the great Hammond sounds you have ever heard. The outstanding musical performances on radio, TV and recordings. They all have one thing in common- live or recorded, the sound you hear is probably coming from a Leslie Speaker.

Professionals demand Leslie Speaker quality and performance. To these perfectionists, the Leslie has become the standard of excellence.

The new Leslie 21 has all the features, quality and performance the professional musician demands, just as you would expect from a genuine Leslie Speaker.

It has a new, smaller ported and sealed Bass Chamber, using the latest in speaker technology. Despite the size of the model 21 (only 50 x 50 x 32cm) it retains the traditional rotating horn unit that has become synonymous with the Leslie Speaker.

Equipped with the usual 11 pin Leslie interface, Leslie 21 now accepts 1/4" Jack plug inputs as well as 8 pin mini din found on the XM1 and XB1. Also has MIDI IN/OUT, Separate Line out for stationary and rotary channels, footswitch input.

Other features include Adjustable Slow Speed, Fast Speed, Rise Time, Fall Time & Brake Time, Overdrive and Presets.


Optional Stationary unit for higher power applications

Special features

Rotary unit is suitable for both professional and home use with Bass and Stationary channel built in.

For stage performance, both Rotary and Stationary units can power up simultaneouly.

Total power output of Rotary and Stationary units combined of 350W.

Rotary unit can be connected to any PA-amplifier

Slow Speed, Fast Speed, Rise Time,Fall Time and Brake Time can be adjusted, and the settings saved.

MIDI terminal enables control from the organ.

Line Input enables connection with organ, keyboard or guitar without Leslie-cable.

Recommended Compatible Models :

      11-pin socket : XE-series, CMS-series, XK-2, XB-3/XC-3, XT/XH-series, XB-2

      8-pin DIN-socket : XB-1, XM-1