Dramatically different but without compromise...


Dramatically different but without compromise...

An inspired vision of today’s demands...

A complete Hammond experience...




The XE2 is Hammonds latest ensemble instrument based on the XE componant system.

The XE2 features 2x61 note genuine Hammond keyboards. It is Modern, Fun and Dynamic, uniting a distinctive, contemporary design with an instantly recognised, rich and warm sound.

The XE series are precision manufactured instruments that achieves the highest standards of technical excellence, reliability and performance.

The elegant custom exterior styling is just as classy as it is practical and while the "compact" dimensions have overcome most space problems, no compromise has been made in sound or specification.

The double set of exclusive, physical drawbars and superb, digital Leslie simulator, blend to provide the "signature of sound" that is uniquely Hammond. Combine this with a multitude of new and exciting instrumental sounds and special effects and the XE series will effortlessly simulate any musical preference.

The distinctive and intriguing appearance of the XE series immediately invites you to sit and play.  Switch on and you are transformed into quite a different and special arena of sound, an inspiring place to be.  Where on many other instruments, the general trend is towards complexity, Hammond on the other hand has made the controls of the XE-1 easy to use, making you feel completely at home and in command.

With the XE series you will experience a totally different and fulfilling world of music making.  But imagine if you could expand your playing enjoyment even further without the need to change your basic instrument.

The XE-system allows the simple connection of the XPK-100 MIDI Pedalboard. This thirteen note Hammond pedalboard will play all of the XE series  extensive selection of on-board bass voices. By not relying on automated bass patterns, your performance is liberated to provide a whole new dimension of personal interpretation, leaving both hands free to explore the limitless sound combinations on the split keyboard of the XE series.

The XE-system is designed with the same passion for creating fine music that is at the centre of the Hammond character.

Play it yourself and discover a spirited, rewarding and refined musical experience.


...The complete HAMMOND experience...





DRB Vase-II sound Generator

Any instrument that carries the Hammond name must have top of the range drawbar-sound.  That is why the XE-2 is equipped with the well established DRB Vase-II Digital Technology Sound engine, which has been praised by professionals and the most ardent Hammond traditionalists.  In this latest version, the sound generation system also provides an extensive range of solo and ensemble instrument voices plus rhythm and special effect options.

Harmonic Drawbars

Hammonds own drawbar control system is widely acclaimed by professional players for being the original and best. To achieve all of those special Hammond combinations and effects it is this system that outperforms all others. The XE-2 boasts two full sets of nine drawbars and two bass drawbars, all of which perform at real-time without any reponse-time delay.  The system has a selectable choice of tonal nuances such as the B3 with its characteristic generator crosstalk, Brite or Mellow plus features such as foldback-control on the upper and lower octaves, variable attack, adjustable overdrive and the all important  "key click" simulation.


The XE-2 technology faithfully recreates the traditional Hammond vibrato and chorus generator effects in the recognised six degrees. It also provides the very latest in advanced Digital Leslie. This very important effect for a complete Hammond experience is fully adjustable to suit player preference. The simulated upper horn and bass rotor "Rise" (speed up) and "Fall" (slow down ) times can be independently adjusted.  The "Brake" ( stopping) time can also be changed.  Volume balances between the horn and bass rotor can by customized and even a simulated mike set-up can be varied for angle and distance.  When an external 11-pin Leslie is connected to the XE-2, the on-board simulator is automatically disconnected.


Hammond has opted for their superb  "leaf spring" keybed, found on all top quality models since 1965. This distinctive "off white" exclusive keyboard provides warmth and smoothness to the touch but also speed and toughness to satisfy all playing styles.

High Quality Instrumental Voicing

In addition to the extensive variations of traditional Hammond sounds, the XE-1 introduces 275 sampled instrument voices available in three combinable polyphonic sections. Hammond has introduced some newly sampled voices on the XE-1 including a rich stereo grand piano, a sleazy, breathy tenor sax, a haunting flute, some wonderful acoustic guitars and a selection of accordions presenting a range of reed permutations.  For the bass section 21 specific voices are available and for sound effect 16 different settings (Chorus, Flanger, various Reverb-types...) are possible.  User voice sections are also provided in which you can create and store your very own edited versions. 


With such an array of sounds and effects available it is important to be able to select and recall your favourite registrations quickly and easily. The XE series has ten banks of ten user programable set-ups each one containing information effecting the right hand, left hand, bass, MIDI, reverb, Leslie, style and rhythm settings. A complete one hundred set-ups readily available. A different set of 100 registrations can be loaded via floppy disc or via the special  CompactFlash Memory Card.

Auto Accompaniment Styles and rhythm

The auto-vari rhythm and auto-band orchestra sections combine to provide Hammond's completely redesigned rhythmic accompaniment section. 100 new rhythm patterns each with four variations which can be programmed to change automatically, work together with three accompaniment variations to create 1200 automatic backing patterns.  The accompaniment operates in 3 different modes : Single, Fingered Mode and Pianist.  For the not so accomplished player there is a one finger easy-play system.  By utilising the Rhythm Preset function each rhythm will automatically select a suitable instrumental registration to compliment the chosen pattern.  Two rhythm fills, an intro and ending pattern are also provided as well as Hammond's exclusive touch tempo which allows you to set your own rhythm speed by simply tapping the touch tempo button. This can be done at the start or even during a rhythm sequence.  Additional styles can be loaded via floppy disc or via the special CompactFlash Memory Card.



A built-in style-converter allows the use of rhythm-styles produced for other instruments.  This allows you to utilise previously purchased style libraries on your XE series  (Not all formats may not be compatible).


Pro Chord

Pro chord automatically generates full right hand harmony on single note play.  This way it is real easy to make your playing sound like a true professional.   This advanced Hammond feature uses multiple separate voices to create rich harmonies.  Up to 20 different settings, from jazz combos through theatre organ tibias, to Hollywood style string orchestras and big band sections are available.

Ease of use

Hammond has provided its distinctive graphic LCD information screen for the XE series.  This new display allows instant visual access to all the voicing and control sections. A short-cut feature eliminates any time consuming effort paging through menu screens. Simply press and hold a control panel button, and all information regarding that section will be automatically displayed. You don’t have to be a computer whizz to operate this instrument.


Coupled to Hammond’s philosophy of ease of use the on-board sequencer is just that.  Simple controls allow for a virtual recording studio at your finger tips, enabling you to create your very own multi-tracked performances.

Data Storage

Ever wonder how you would store your style data, sequencer data, preset registration data, etc. without hooking up any external equipment and not running out of space ?  The answer is a CompactFlash slot.  You can save all your precious data on a CompactFlash Memory Card  (At the time of this writing the present  max. memory of a huge 128MB is available as a storage medium on your XE series).


In-built amplification with S.E.S. and power speaker-system

Having a great sound engine and a vast array of voicing is only as good as the amplification system through which it is played.  For the XE series, Hammond has developed a special high-performance stereo amplifier that will generate a solid 2 x 50W output.  Couple this to a brand new patented heavy duty bass reflex speaker system with a double 13cm woofer and you will experience an unbelievable sound for such a compact instrument.  To widen the stereo image even further Hammond has added its exclusive  S.E.S. (Sound Expansion System).  This function provides the player with a much broader sound sensation through an expanded stereo image simulation.


Other than the traditional MIDI-functions (IN, OUT, THROUGH, saving data to a MIDI data recorder via MIDI Data Dump), the XE series also operates in pre-defined MIDI-environments.  This means that when you add an additional keyboard such as XLK-1 to your set-up, there is no need to reconfigure all MIDI-settings.  Simply switch your environment from "single manual mode" to "dual manual mode" and you're all set...


Since your instrument is equipped with internal flash-rom memory, you can upgrade the system-software via the disk drive when an important new version becomes available.

Factory Equipped for Direct Leslie Plug-in

The XE series is designed to accept direct plug-in  of any 11-pin external Leslie.   The volume of the in-built Leslie pre-amplifier can be regulated to match different types of Leslie, which can be very usefull on stage.  Leslie motor speed-switching can be controlled via the keyboard selector, an optional foot switch or through MIDI.



Keyboard 2x 61 keys with Initial touch
Display 240 x 64 dots graphics LCD with LED back light
Drawbars 9-Upper, 9-Lower, 2-Bass
Percussion 2nd, 3rd, Soft, Fast
Sound generator PCM Vase-II ™ & DRB Vase-II ™ Digital Technology
Organ Effects Leslie : 2 Rotor Digital Leslie, On/Off, Slow/Fast
Vibrato/Chorus : V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3
Effects Reverb : 8 types Chorus : 8 types
S.E.S. (Sound Expansion System)
Echo for MIC input
Voices 275 PCM voices + 28 user voices , 11 Drum-sets
Equalizer 2 Sections (Rhythm & Voice , Drawbar)
4 elements Parametric (Low, Low-mid, Mid-high, High)
Presets 10 Banks (10 Presets each), 100 Rhythm presets
Music styles 100 x 4 variations, Disk styles
Start/Stop, Intro/Ending, Fill-in 1, Fill-in 2
Autoband 1, Autoband 2, Autobass, Memory
Auto-vari, Touch start, Touch tempo,
Manual Drum
Pro Chord 20
Controls Split,
Pitch bend,
Tempo wheel,
Display contrast
Volume Master volume
Disk drive 3,5 inch 2HD
(for SMF-player, Sequencer, Style, Set-up, Upgrade)
External-memory slot Compact Flash Memory Card (8M-128Mbytes )
(for  Sequencer, Style, Setup)
Terminals Line out L/R, Line in L/R, Mic In, Mic Out, Headphone
Expression pedal (EXP-100F) with Foot switch,
Foot switch,
Ext. Leslie 11-pin,
Computer interface (PC,MAC,MIDI IN2),
Speakers 2 x Woofer 13cm, 2 x Tweeter 5cm
Amplifier Output 2 x 50W
Accessories Music-rest,

MIDI Keyboard XLK-1
MIDI Pedalboard XPK-100
Stand STE-2
Foot Switch FS-9H
Expression Pedal EXP-100F