evolve >verb 1. develop gradually. 2. (of an organism ) develop over successive generations by evolution


Survival Of the Fittest!

As we move deeper into the 21st century, the Hammond Organ continues to evolve and adapt to its new surroundings. The XK3 is proving to be the dominant species. To stay on top can be tough though...and so the wind of change is strong....before you know it the XK3 has grown a second manual! This could be the missing link between the compromise of using a single manual and a B3!!!


By now you will be used to the incredible build quality and sound of the XK3...and this is reflected in the new lower manual. Incredibly simple to assemble the whole "XK3-system" is up and running in minutes!


The lower manual is powered from the Expression pedal socket with included cable, the only other cable needed is the included MIDI cable!


Folding stand is VERY sturdy and most suitable for the abuse we expect it to receive from the hardcore Hammond player!


Very limited stocks are available - call 01604 637444 or contact here for fast reply (UK only) to secure yourself a piece of the missing link. 



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