Hammond XPK-100 MIDI pedalboard

The Hammond Pro line division are proud to introduce the XPK-100 Pedalboard. Simply plug it in, connect it to your keyboard via MIDI, and your ready to enhance your playing with bass lines provided by your foot, leaving your hands free to play melody and accompaniment. And, when used in conjunction with Hammond's XK-2 and XB-1 Drawbar Keyboards, the XPK-100 allows you to create a full blown Hammond Organ.

Unique MIDI Setup:

In addition to a MIDI OUT port, the XPK-100 features two separate MIDI IN ports, thus allowing the easy use of two MIDI keyboards (see illustration) An ideal twin manual MIDI system.

XPK-100 has 2 MIDI in ports. Using the XPK-100 to create a full blown Hammond Organ

Ideal for use with the Hammond XM-1 Drawbar Module and the XB-1 and XK-2 Drawbar Keyboards which are three part multi-timbral. Also suitable for use with many MIDI compatible keyboards (for more information, contact your local Hammond agent, or call 07946 123893 -UK only)