The Hammond XT/XH series Accessories


Contents of HAMMOND Preset Registration Disk 4

1 Jimmy 1  'The' classic Hammond jazz sound
2 Jimmy 2 Similar to Jimmy one, but introduces Leslie
3 Emerson 70s 'Big Hammond' stage sound
4 Gospel A full on, inspirational setting, using both Leslie and chorus
5 Booker Classic 60s and 70s Hammond
6 Mellow  Smooth Hammond Drawbar combination
7 Call Me An all time favorite combination
8 Bluesin'  Another super smooth combination
9 America  Another 'Big Hammond' sound similar to No 3
10 LH Groove Test out your left hand work with this preset 
1 Live B3 Forget the Leslie! take in the chorus 3
2 Jazz Club  Imagine yourself on stage in a downtown Jazz Club
3 C3 Blues  Turn down the lights and go with the Hammond flow
4 Reggae Classic reggae sound!
5 60s Dry  Turn down your reverb, and enjoy Hammond at it purist.
6 Hush  Modern live stage sounding Hammond
7 Trust  Gentle melody combination will really calm you down.
8 Late Nite Candles only for this combination
9 Smoothy Silky smooth drawbars
10 M100  Revel in nostalgia with this authentic Tonewheel spinet preset.