Dedicated to the memory of Laurens Hammond, the dramatic new XT/ XH series together with the Limited Edition 65th anniversary

HAMMOND Century offers distinctive sounds and innovative features which you would expect from the leaders in the industry.

It has been more than 65 years since Laurens Hammond launched the organ industry with the first electric organ.

While many of the sounds and controls have remained the same, the XT/XH series is dedicated to the spirit which the name Hammond demands - the desire to incorporate the best new technology and the unwavering commitment to high quality.


Imagine a Hammond home organ that combines the best of Hammonds from the past with the most advanced technology of the future. It’s all here in this completely new series from Hammond. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of musically is yours to command with the XT/XH  series.


The famous Hammond HARMONIC DRAWBARS are your symphony at home. This wide range of pure harmonic tones, offered on both Upper and Lower Manuals, permit almost infinite tone combinations ... and form the musical cornerstone for the famous and very recognizable "Hammond Sound".

And, for the first time ever in a modern Hammond home organ, the Drawbar sound faithfully captures the "tone-wheel" sound of the incomparable B-3, from the Drawbar foldbacks at the top and bottom octaves to the variances in key click, to a faithful recreation of the famous Hammond Scanner Vibrato and Chorus.

New DIGITAL VOICES give unparalleled realism and ease of use. Actual digital recordings of each instrument are reproduced authentically by a sophisticated digital playback system. The library of 214 authentic sounds ranges from the reedy clarinet, to the breathiness of a flute, to the shimmering beauty of string sections, to pianos, guitars and pipe organ. 30 of these voices are playable from the Orchestral section, while a special Custom Voice section allows you to call up any of the voices in the library. Additionally, the Ensemble section gives rich philharmonic Strings and vocal Choir sounds. All of the sounds in the Custom Voice library are playable from either the Upper or Lower Manual.

Hammond’s famous AUTO-VARI RHYTHM is totally enhanced with new flexibility and control ... 98 all-new rhythms ... Hammond's exclusive TOUCH TEMPO ... even the capability of programming the variation possibilities in

limitless combinations. The authentic percussion sounds -- from bass drum to bongos to cymbals to hand claps --are only surpassed by the realistic patterns arranged in sixteen categories with four variations of each. The MANUAL DRUM feature allows you to play the individual drum and percussion sounds from the Lower Manual or Pedals, either as complete percussion kits or as single instruments.

The new AUTOBAND ORCHESTRA gives you 98 scored arrangements along with the drum and percussion patterns to make you sound your very best. These arrangements range in complexity from very simple patterns useful for learning time and counting to fully scored arrangements with as many as 12 parts and different patterns for each chord type. They also encompass every kind of music from baroque to easy listening to swing, big band and contemporary styles. The combination of the AutoBand Orchestra with the rhythms and other features of

your new Hammond will create new and exciting dimensions for the novice as well as the professional. And, with AutoBand Style Disks, you can have even more styles and rhythms at your disposal.

The RHYTHM PRESET feature allows you to instantly set up the entire organ with an appropriate registration for each one of the 98 in-built rhythms.

Hammond’s EASY PLAY SYSTEM gives you 26 different chord types playable using a minimum number of notes...for example, a Major chord can be played by touching one note, while other chord types are played by adding additional notes as needed. In this way, you have a "bridge" to learning your own chords. You can use Easy Play System chords either with or without Rhythms and AutoBand Orchestra styles.

Your "third hand"... the amazing new AUTO ARPEGGIO, provides a variety of easy, professional sounding patterns for

the beginner, and unlimited dramatic and exciting special effects for the experienced musician. With seven different patterns and 22 distinctive voices, you are only limited by your own imagination.

A totally new, enhanced PRO CHORD gives you 20 different harmony patterns, eighteen of which are complete harmony styles, including different chord voicings and complete voice settings to duplicate the distinctive musical styles of famous performers such as Glenn Miller, George Shearing, Stan Kenton, etc. You may select from 62 different voices to create exactly the sound you want for these harmony styles.

Would you like to hear "Ebb Tide" with the sound of rolling surf, or add a thunder clap to an arrangement of "Stormy Weather?’ With the SOUND EFFECT feature, you can do just that. Forty-two different sound effects...some sounding only momentarily, some sounding continuously along with your

arrangement...let you add just the right touch to your music.

Hammond’s programmable PRO FOOT foot switches allow you to control Leslie Speed, turn the Rhythm on or off, or control any of ten other functions including, for the first time ever on a Hammond Organ, the ability to bend the pitch in order to authentically simulate a Hawaiian Guitar or Slide Trombone with GLIDE.

Add to this programmable Digital Reverb, 100 built-in Presets arranged in Pop Organ, Theatre Organ, Easy Listening, Classical, Jazz and other categories, built-in Disk Drive for recording your own performances, storing your own Preset combinations, or playing SMF-compatible music disks, full General MIDI compatibility, extensive MIDI capability, and you truly have not only the finest console home organ Hammond has ever offered, but the finest console home organ available anywhere!