Frequently Asked Questions for tonewheel consoles and spinets. (selected models only)

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1. Q: My Hammond has two switches to turn it on, what is the correct procedure?

A: At the right hand side of the music rack you will find two switches - the first a ‘toggle’ switch which is the START switch, and another ‘toggle’ switch which is the RUN switch. First make sure that the RUN switch is in the ‘off’ position and then push the START switch and hold it while you count to 8 slowly. Still holding the START switch, push the RUN switch into the ‘RUN’ position. Hold both switches while you count to 4 slowly, the release the START switch, leaving the RUN switch in the ‘RUN’ position. In about 30 seconds the organ will be ready to play. To shut off the organ, simply pull the RUN switch to its ‘off’ position. A small light is behind the switches, letting you know at a glance whether the organ is on or off. In the event of a power failure or if the organ becomes disconnected, the above procedure must be repeated in order to start the organ.


2. Q: I need to move my Hammond, what special precautions should I take? (generator and reverb locking does not apply to all instruments)

A: If the organ is moved always be sure that its weight is supported by the case and not by the pedals or pedal mechanism. Be careful also not to put undue strain on the legs. Aside from this no special precautions ore required if the organ is to be moved only from one room to another. If it is to be moved some distance, it is important that the generator be fastened down to the shelf. Remove and reassemble the four sleeve and washer assemblies with sleeves the down and tighten securely. This will prevent serious damage.

When the organ is set up for operation, the generator should be freely suspended. To do this remove four hexagon head screws under the shelf, turn four sleeve and washer assemblies over so that washers are down, and replace screws, tightening them securely. Use shims under console, if necessary, to set level in order that generator is free to move in any direction. Failure to do this will cause noisy operation.

Later models are equipped with a reverb lock, to avoid damage to the reverberation unit this should be carefully engaged so that the springs are held captive by the locking mechanism. It may be necessary to remove the back cover from the organ to do this


3. Q: Why does my organ make a humming sound when it is turned on?

When playing the console, see that no piece of electrical equipment having a strong magnetic field is close to it. For example, an electric clock standing on the console can in some cases produce a loud hum in the speaker. This may occur also if a clock or other piece of electrical equipment is in on adjoining room close to the wall opposite to the organ.


4. Q: How do I oil the generators?

A: The generator is lubricated by a centralized system fed from three oil cups visible inside the back. Follow the oiling instruction on the generator cover, using the chart  as a reminder. When your supply of oil is exhausted, you may purchase another can from your dealer or direct from Hammond Company.

With the exception of regular oiling, the organ will require little attention. If any servicing is required, call your Hammond Organ dealer or write to the factory. Always mention the model and serial number, shown on the name plate.

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