Using the Hammond GM1000 Serial Interface Driver with Windows 95/98


•Insert the disk with the driver program located on into your computers 3½ floppy drive.

•From the ‘Start menu’ select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Control Panel’

•Select ‘Game Controllers’ 

•Click on the ‘ADD...’ button

•Click on the ‘Add other...’ button

•Click on ‘Have Disk’

•In the ‘COPY MANUFACTURERS FILES FROM’ dialogue box type:

A:\ (Or the location of the driver file)

•Click ‘ok’

 The ‘Select Device' box should appear with the ‘MIDICOM MATSUI’ driver listed.

•Click ‘ok’

•Click ‘finish’

The ‘Port Setup’ box now appears, the default settings should work, so unless you believe otherwise click on the ‘ok’ button

The computer will now need restarting for the new settings to take effect.


Using the GM1000 as your Windows midi player.

•From ‘Control Panel’ select ‘Multimedia’

•Select the ‘MIDI’ tab

•Click on the ‘MIDI COM Driver’ text in the Midi output dialogue box.

•Click ‘Apply’ to finish.


Now all your windows components that use MIDI data will utilize the GM1000, this includes your Windows media player as well as Windows based Games, and programmes.













To change the port settings at a later time follow the following procedure:


•From ‘Control Panel’ select ‘Multimedia’

•click on the ‘advanced’ tab

•double click on the ‘MIDI Devices and Instruments’ button

•click on ‘MIDI COM driver’

•click on ‘Properties’

•you can now change your settings (see below) 

•You will need to restart the computer for the new settings to take effect.