HAMMOND XB2 Gets Version 2.0 software


Upgrade your XB2 version One

Following the launch of the XB2 version 2, we have had many requests by version one users to make the new software available. We now have the facilities to upgrade your old XB2 and give it a new lease of life. Following is a brief summary of the features of the new software.

New Features

*Preset memory now enlarged to 32 presets.

*Five choices of vibrato speed -slow, mid, normal, midfast & fast.

*Independent Vibrato on/off for upper & lower manuals when in keyboard split mode.

*Bender length independently selectable +/- 12 steps.

*Percussion touch and velocity independently selectable.

*16 volume levels for 2nd and 3rd touch response percussion.

*Percussion key tracking- Volume of second and third percussion tapers off slightly at top end of keyboard, replicating the original Hammond B-3. Optional on/off.

*Total of nine foot switch functions-Leslie slow/fast, UMsustain, LMsustain, Preset forward, MIDI start/stop, UM damper, LM damper, Upper & Lower damper.

*Key Click-this menu ’Attack’ is now located on the drawbar menu, five choices available-Slow attack, No click, Soft, Normal, Max.

*Drawbar foldback-Foldback points can be selected by direct key input or scrolling.

*Drawbar Volume and Filter- Drawbar volume changes can be sent to a connected sequencer or module (e.g. Hammond XM1) via MIDI out.

*Foot switch polarity- Plus, Minus and alternate/ momentary mode.

*Digital Leslie -Now you can control the characteristics of your Leslie Slow & Fast speeds, Rise Time, Fall time can all be adjusted.

*MIDI velocity- Increased to a total of six curves.

*MIDI in split gate-Incoming MIDI data can be set to not recognize keyboard split.

*MIDI channel assignment- You can now assign separate Midi channels for Upper & Lower Manuals, MIDI Zones 1 & 2, Also selectable on/off for each-UM,LM and both zones.

*MIDI keymapping- High and Low limits for Upper & Lower Manuals (split) and MIDI zones 1 & 2. Key assignment can be done by direct key input and scrolling.

*MIDI octave selection- +/- 4 octaves for MIDI zones 1 & 2.

*MIDI programme no. -Variation no.- You can select the midi variation number for each zone-ideal for use with the Hammond GM1000. Or other GM modules

*MIDI Max & Min volume can be set for each zone.

*Assignable controller numbers for Foot Switch, modulation wheel, Expression pedal and Leslie Fast touch tab.

MIDI Drawbar & switch-sends the current Cancel Mode settings to a sequencer in preparation for playing back a sequence.

*Data Dump-Enhanced to five Memory dump options-All Out, Global, Cancel, Preset and Patch.

For information on upgrading your XB2 contact submit the form below or speak to Darren Brown at our office or email here

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