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Hammond E100 series Tonewheel Console Organ.


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For Sale. Hammond E100 series. These compact Tonewheel Console Organs were Introduced in 1965, at this time Hammond Organs were designed for and purchased by classical and contemporary organists alike. With built in tube (valve) amplifier, 25 note pedalboard and 2x 61 note manuals, plus a full compliment of drawbars on both upper and lower this was ideal for the home organist or small to medium sized church. These days it will still appeal to the classical organist, but for the Modern Hammond player wishing to improve technique, an E series may be well worth considering as it is far more cost effective than purchasing a B3 derived instrument.

The particular organ was used by my father who was an FRCO. It was used regularly until 5 years ago. It plays a tune but almost certainly
requires maintenance to bring back the sparkle! The cabinet is in
excellent condition and comes with full pedalboard and original bench
seat with music storage. Original owners manual is also included.

The organ is in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

I am open to serious offers.

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Please note, this is a private sale, and is not connected to Hammond Zone.