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Hammond M3 spinet.


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The M3 was Introduced in 1949 and was the first of its kind in the world. Sales of the ‘Cinderella’, as it was then called, exceeded all expectations- out selling the popular concert and church models. Even six years after its introduction, spinet customers were happy to make a 50% down payment on this "Baby B" with no promise of a delivery date!

This is a very rare chance to own one of these beautiful little Spinet Hammond's in the United Kingdom due to war time and post-war import restrictions.

The organ was bought for my
husband (second hand) in 1963, and has been with him ever since.  It is in
good condition, all pedals, keys and drawbars work, though a little of the
volume is lost when the "vibrato" tab is in use.  As far as I am aware it
has not been serviced since it has been in his possession, but it works
well.  As the pictures hopefully show, the original Registration Certificate
is with it, as is the "spinet" information card, and a Hammond book published in the 1950s  for the transition from piano to organ playing!

Located in the United Kingdom

offers in the region of £1150 ono. Please contact me with any questions

using the form below.

or call:

 01386 49818 Mon - Fri  8.30 - 5.30

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07970 416294 at any time.

Mike's mobile is 07973 345329.


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